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Growing and Scaling Your Micro SaaS App

By now, you’ll have checked off all of the items in the pre-scaling preparation stage. Next, we’re on to the exciting topic of actually growing your Micro SaaS app user base and subscription income.

It’s important that even during this growth phase, you don’t lose focus on customer satisfaction. Make sure you keep up to date with support, add the features you promised on the roadmap, and then get on to attracting more users to your app through SaaS marketing.

That said, let’s take a look at the key strategic elements of growing your Micro SaaS app:

  • Ramp Up Organic Traffic

  • Recruit Affiliates

  • Harvesting Blog Traffic

  • Referral Program

  • Baking In Virality

  • Discoverable By Nature

  • Ramp Up Paid Traffic

Ramp Up Organic Traffic

Now that there’s a healthy foundation of happy users for the app, it’s time to start growing your Micro SaaS organically, spreading the world far and wide and finding new subscribers.

If you have built up an email list and not yet emailed all of them through your launch cycle, now is the time to email them.

If you have built up a Facebook group for your niche or if you’ve become an active (and contributing member) of any other groups, then now is the time to raise awareness around your app within these groups.

All my Micro SaaS apps have been marketed purely via organic traffic. Sure, it’s more effort than running ads, but in the long term it’ll give you a great ROI.

You might think you need to wait until you have the app ready to launch before announcing it to the world but as long as you’re ready with your marketing efforts, you can start showing people what you’re going to offer well before you launch your app.

Ramp Up Organic Traffic

Recruiting Affiliates For Your Micro SaaS app

Outside of your initial launch audience, if you don’t have a Facebook group or email list to market to, then the quickest way to increase your customer base will be through tapping into affiliate audiences.

In exchange for promoting your app to their audience, the affiliate will receive a percentage of the income generated through the promotion. Initially, this may not sound appealing, and you’re probably thinking it’s not a fair deal. You’ve done so much hard work and now you’re likely to have to give this person around 25%+ of the recurring income received from the promotion, just for sharing it to their audience!?!

What you might not appreciate - and initially I didn’t either! - is that these affiliates have likely spent several years building up an audience that trusts them. They will have given valuable content to their audience, engaged with them, moderated the content in the group, vetted new members etc. There’s also the daily grind of moderating the group for spammers and scammers which can be a real time suck.

Having grown several Facebook groups from 0 to over 5,000 members, I can tell you first-hand that it’s no small job to build an engaged community.

Bearing all that in mind, the affiliates are not going to want to push a product that they’ve never heard of to their precious audience without good reason. One bad promotion could seriously damage their hard-earned reputation.

Treat your affiliates well and you’ll be rewarded with a long term symbiotic relationship.

You will also need to demonstrate to the affiliate that your app will genuinely help their audience.

What Should I Offer to Affiliates?

There are several things you can, and should, offer to your affiliates to ensure you have a good working relationship. You should offer them:

  • A demo of the app and access to its features so they can try it out

  • High percentage commissions that make your app worth promoting

  • Harvesting Blog Traffic

  • Regularly updated marketing collateral

  • Open lines of communication they can message you quickly

  • Commissions that are paid on time

Over the years, I was able to forge many great relationships with affiliates in the Merch By Amazon & Kindle communities. I went on several live shows on Facebook & YouTube reaching global audiences that I would never have reached on my own.

Each time I went live, I would always do a live demo of the app (what could go wrong 😂) and take questions live.

Yes, it’s not the most comfortable way to spend an hour, but it was always well worth it as they produced an influx of new subscribers paying a recurring subscription fee.

Harvesting Blog Traffic

Remember the blog posts you committed to in the launching your Micro SaaS chapter? By now, you’ll have crafted a range of blog posts on a variety of targeted topics that will resonate with your target niche. It’s now time to reap the rewards and harvest the fruits of the digital seeds you’ve sown.

You should have a steady stream of visitors to your site and you should now begin to steer these visitors towards becoming users of your app, either subtly or directly by creating a call to action for each article.

As a reminder, each blog article will have an associated target search intent as below: Depending on each article’s topic and target search intent, you’ll set up an appropriate call to action on each article. Here are some examples for you:

Micro SaaS SEO search intent

    Depending on each article’s topic and target search intent, you’ll set up an appropriate call to action on each article. Here are some examples for you:

  • Informational Posts - download our white paper on case management software (sent to their email).

  • Commercial Posts - download this independent review of the top 5 case management software apps (sent to their email).

  • Transactional Posts - get started with a free trial of our case management software (requires user account creation via email).

You’ll start to build up a healthy email list of leads for your app. Depending on their entry point, you can send them an automated unobtrusive, value-driven email sequence.

Naturally, these emails will give your leads a gentle nudge that will eventually drive them towards becoming paid customers.