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Preparing Your Micro SaaS App For Scaling

Just like launching a real rocket, when you launched your Micro SaaS app, it would have taken a metric tonne of effort just to achieve that initial lift-off and get it a few feet off the ground. The great news is that the following stages build upon the momentum from your launch and will help propel you to outer space (or just quit your day job if that’s your target!).

Before we jump into the methods to grow your Micro SaaS app, we need to run through some important prerequisites to ensure that when you do scale your Micro SaaS, it goes smoothly:

  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction Remains High

  • Setting Goals And Celebrating Milestones

  • Discovering Your Financial Objectives

  • Is The App Ready To Scale?

  • Is The Business Ready To Scale?

Customer Satisfaction Is Key

I have put this point first on the list as it really is that crucial. You must always have a happy user base, it will be the foundation you build upon. 

Underpromise and overdeliver; engage with your users; have a transparent roadmap and overdeliver on the features that the users are expecting. 

If there are support issues, resolve them as quickly as possible - whatever it takes!

I recommend screenshares where possible for an expedited resolution and in turn, happier customers.This is even more essential in the early days as you try to:

  • Build trust in the community.

  • Ask existing users for reviews.

  • Minimise churn (% of users cancelling their subscription).

  • Encourage early adopters to refer other users (we want them to be gushing about the app).

Customer satisfaction really is the foundation of the growth process. There’s no point in having a high number of users try out your app only for them to leave the next month due to it being buggy and support taking ages to come back to them.

Take this snippet from a review of my app Merch Wizard, which was left by an early adopter who was super-impressed with the rapid response of myself and the support team.

Imagine being a prospective user and reading this review, you’d be reassured that even if you did have any issues running the software, they’d be resolved very swiftly.

Micro SaaS Customer Service Satisfaction Review

Set Goals And Celebrate Milestones

Take a deep breath and look at where you were 12 months ago, or even 6 months ago, and how far you’ve come through the process of planning and launching your own Micro SaaS app.

Think about where you are now and where you want this to go next. It’s time to set some SMART goals which are:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Relevant

  • Timely

Your targets can be based on almost any aspect of your Micro SaaS business, for example:

  • Financial Goals - $5,000 monthly recurring revenue within 6 months

  • User Goals - 1,000 active subscribers within 3 months

  • Growth Goals - 20% growth year on year

  • KPI Goals - Less than 5% churn by December; LTV per user of $500 within one year

  • Referral Goals - Have 5% of our new users come via referrals next quarter

  • Content Marketing Goals - Publish 100 blog posts by Christmas

  • Social Media Goals - 500 Tweets within 6 months; Increase Followers to 25k on Facebook by Easter

For each of the above, work backwards from where you want to get to and figure out the stepping stones on the way. These will be your milestones and should be written down along with a target date for each milestone.

Don’t just write these down and shove them in a draw to be forgotten!

Instead, check-in on them regularly and correct your course where possible. That which isn’t measured isn’t improved upon!

When you hit a milestone, don’t forget to celebrate it! Yes, there will be a new milestone to set, but you should reward yourself (and your micro-team if you have one) each time a milestone is achieved.

Micro SaaS Increasing Software as a Service Key Metrics

Your Micro SaaS Financial Objectives

Ask yourself what you’re hoping to achieve financially with this Micro SaaS app. Is it just some extra side hustle money (beer money), or perhaps it’s your aim to be able to pay your rent/mortgage (rent money) with this additional income?

Maybe, you hate your corporate job in software development and want to build up your cash-generating Micro SaaS so it enables you to finally quit your day job!
[Coming soon - I will have a section of this site dedicated to how to quit your software developer job in a low-risk manner.] 

Clearly, there’s a correlation in the amount of income vs the amount of effort you need to put into your Micro SaaS app. Wherever you’re heading, your specific financial target will dictate how you set about growing your user base. 

If it’s just beer money then you won’t need to scale as aggressively. Someone that is planning on quitting their software developer job in the next 6 months to live the Micro SaaS life of freedom will have to scale harder.

Micro SaaS software developer beer rent quit the job f u money

Do you want beer money, rent money, to quit your job or big money from your Micro SaaS?