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Cashflowing Chrome Extensions

How would you like to build a Cashflowing Chrome Extension in 30 days? πŸ™‚

I have developed several chrome extensions over several years, the biggest of which were Merch Wizard and KDP Wizard, which made me over $500,000 πŸ’°

By working hard on these extensions, I was able to quit my crappy day job, work on the apps full time and eventually to sell and exit from these apps for a life-changing sum of money πŸ™Œ

Now I'm rolling up all my knowledge on developing successful Chrome Extensions into a comprehensive course so you can build your own cashflowing Chrome Extensions too πŸš€

In my Cashflowing Chrome Extensions course, you will learn:

βœ… How to Find Opportunities to build cash-flowing chrome extensions.

βœ… How to technically Build, Debug, Test and Release Chrome Extensions.

βœ… How to Monetise your Chrome Extension.

βœ… How to Scale Up your Chrome Extension.

βœ… How to Engineer a Successful Cash Exit from your Chrome Extension.

βœ… All The Best Practices & Tips I Can Cram In From My Years In The Trenches As A Chrome Extension Developer.

If you'd like to get in on the beta launch of the course then please join the email wait list below. I will be offering beta access at a discounted priced and the course will be taught in real-time so you can request for any missing areas to be filled in.

As a result, it will be the best and most complete Chrome Extension Development course on the internet πŸ™‚

So, get your name down on the waitlist now whilst you're able to get it at a discounted price! Just enter your details on the form below:

The Ultimate Guide To Developing Chrome Extensions: Everything You Need to Know