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21 Micro SaaS Ideas PDF

In this PDF guide, I outline 21 Micro SaaS ideas that you could use as inspiration to build your own bootstrapped Micro SaaS app πŸš€

I have developed several Micro SaaS apps in my time, the biggest of which were Merch Wizard and KDP Wizard, which made me over $500,000 πŸ’°

By working hard on these apps, I was able to quit my crappy day job and work on my apps full time! Eventually, I sold and exited from these apps for a life-changing sum of money, and now I'm passionate about helping other developers get started on their own path to freedom πŸ™Œ

This guide contains 21 original ideas for Micro SaaS apps that you could start building today. Here's are the first 5 app titles:

βœ… Accommodation Amigo 

βœ… BitBucket Utilities Chrome Extension

βœ… TripTracker

βœ… AirGym

βœ… Happy Hour Hero

βœ… Includes suggested features for each idea.

βœ… Includes a tagline for each idea too!

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21 Micro SaaS Ideas Book Cover