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Rick Blyth on Micro SaaS

Hey, my name is Rick Blyth and I am a bootstrapped Micro SaaS founder who managed to quit his day job and go on to subsequently have a successful multi-six-figure exit from my Micro SaaS apps.

Are you thinking about starting your own Micro SaaS business but don't know where to start? 🀯

Here are some of the topics we can discuss on these coaching calls to remove any roadblocks and give you a clear plan of attack πŸš€

Or maybe you're having too many ideas and you're facing idea overwhelm! I can help you with every step of the Micro SaaS journey as I've been there and done it myself.

Consulting Topics

We can talk about:

βœ… How you can identify and target micro-niches.

βœ… How to discover problems you can fix with Micro SaaS apps.

βœ… How you can soft-validate your idea(s) as best as possible.

βœ… Best approaches for building an MVP

βœ… Recruiting Beta Testers

βœ… Launching your MVP through organic traffic

βœ… Scaling up your Micro SaaS

βœ… Minimising customer churn

βœ… Increasing customer lifetime value

βœ… Working towards a successful Micro SaaS exit

Or anything else Micro SaaS related that you like πŸ™‚

Leaving the 9-5 for Micro SaaS
Micro SaaS Success

With over 20 years of corporate software development experience and several years in the trenches as a bootstrapped Micro SaaS founder, I have faced my fair share of challenges and roadblocks and learnt plenty on the way.

Book an hour's coaching call with me and let's figure out a game plan for your Micro SaaS success together. Don't wait any longer to take your first step towards controlling your own destiny and building a profitable Micro SaaS.

You will receive an hour's one-on-one consulting via a video call (Google Meet or Zoom) and we will maximise our time together to ensure you get the most value out of the call.

Calls are available from 9am-10pm UK time and I will send through a link where you can book a timeslot for your call once payment has been taken. I can't wait to work with you and see your Micro SaaS business flourish!

Terence Profile Photo

"I came to Rick seeking some advice about a software product I had been working on. I had already built the basic functionality however I was having some trouble figuring out the best way to market, validate and release the product.

Rick helped me gain a lot of clarity around how I should approach the release, what I should be prioritizing and what steps to take next.

I would highly recommend reaching out to Rick for anyone that is in the process of building a micro-saas business or is looking for advice on how to launch one. It’s invaluable getting guidance from someone who has already successfully achieved what you are trying to do. "

- Terence 

Alexander Profile Photo

After reading Rick's e-book, I immediately started gathering the niches and ideas.

After a short time, I found that I was overwhelmed by the opportunities and tasks at hand.

Rick looked at my problem with an unbiased view and went through all the points on my list step by step.

He helped me evaluate the list with his experience. Thanks to Rick, I now have a clear and sorted list of steps to guide my direction!

- Alex

Harun Profile Photo

Rick is very talented and extremely helpful. I still have a long way to go for my app to be recognized.

I might have given up already if I hadn't talked to Rick. Thanks to Rick, I stay motivated and learn to solve my problems differently.

Thanks to his help, I believe that one day I will succeed and Rick will have made a huge contribution to this success.

- Harun

JoshProfile Photo

After finding Rick on YouTube, I reached out with some questions about micro-saas.

On our call, Rick was very receptive to helping clarify my questions and point me in the right direction.

He went into detail regarding how to identify micro niches, how to get involved in micro niche communities, and even provided a few example ideas based on my current niche expertise.

I really appreciate the willingness to help early founders get up and running. Thanks again.

- Josh

Monirul Profile Photo

"I had a consulting call with Rick and it was fantastic!

He answered all my questions and advised me on what to do. Rick was professional and detail oriented.

He made me feel at ease and listened to what I had to say. I never felt rushed.

Consulting was a much needed add-on specific to my case on top of his videos.

Thank you for the call Rick, it was great!"

- Abraham

Jeremy Profile Photo

I sought Rick's consulting after consuming his Youtube content and e-book. Rick's feedback helped me to launch my SAAS.

His feedback was actionable, and helped me tremendously in getting unstuck. I have clarity about my next steps and gaining traction in my marketplace.

I recommend Rick to anybody who's looking into micro saas. You won't be disappointed!

- Jeremy