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Download The Guide To Developing Chrome Extensions

In this guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know at a high level in order to develop, test and release your first Chrome Extension πŸ™Œ

I have developed several chrome extensions in my time, the biggest of which were Merch Wizard and KDP Wizard, which were made for Amazon sellers πŸ’°

By working hard on these extensions, I was able to quit my crappy day job and work on my apps full time! Eventually, I sold and exited from these apps for a life-changing sum of money, and now I'm passionate about helping other developers get started on their own path to freedom πŸš€

Here's an overview of the contents of the guide:

βœ… The Benefits of Developing Chrome Extensions 

βœ… How I Made Money From My Chrome Extensions

βœ… Other Methods Of Making Money Creating Chrome Extensions

βœ… How To Develop a Chrome Extension Debugging your Chrome Extension

βœ… Source Control For Your Chrome Extension Testing Your Chrome Extension

βœ… How to Publish Your Chrome Extension to the Chrome Web Store

βœ… The Future Of Chrome Extensions

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The Ultimate Guide To Developing Chrome Extensions: Everything You Need to Know